Dr Langlois offers consulting services meant specifically for service organisations who wish to improve their services quality experience.

Strategic planning

Your objectives:

• Would you like to improve the strategic planning process in your
service organisation?
• Build a master plan to enhance your organisation’s performance?
• Set up management charts?
• Reflect on the strategic stakes of your services?
• Benefit from support during your strategic reflection?
• Receive advice while you set in motion your strategic changes?

Our solutions:

• Group leadership for strategic reflection focused on service organisations.
• Strategic plan structuring.
• Management charts setup.
• Strategic analysis portraying the stakes and trends of your organisation.
• Counselling with the board of directors and general management.
• Mobilization of the work teams during a strategic planning exercise.
• Support for the writing of a strategic plan and a master plan.
• Objective evaluation of strategic scenarios and possibilities.
• Coaching for the planning and strategic reflection process.