Dr Langlois is professor of business strategy at ESG- School of Business Administration at the University of Quebec in Montreal and Chairman of the Strategic Leadership Institute, home of experiential leadership. He is the founder and director of the SLEM (Strategic Leadership and Customer Experience Management Research Group). He has more than 35 years of international experience in managing, teaching and coaching service organizations. Dr Langlois, after 18 years of senior executive experience including Air Canada and Quebecair where in three years he doubled the sales and turned it around to profitability, took a new challenge and decided to pursue an academic career as a visiting professor, professor, director of marketing studies, director of a undergraduate studies and currently director graduate studies including a specialized Executive MBA program in tourism and hospitality services. The prestigious Maclean’s magazine in its annual review of Canadian universities mentioned Dr Langlois as one of the 36 most popular professor of business in Canada.

Dr Langlois act as a Board member for different organizations. He was for 10 years on the Board of the Montreal Airport Authority ADM where he chaired the Governance and strategic development committee. He has been called by the Government of Canada, Air Canada, VIA Rail Canada and many other major private and public organizations to implement the concept of experiential leadership.

Dr Langlois currently pursue an international career in Asia, Europe and North-America where he is invited as a guest speaker and seminar leader by service organizations in the field of banking, retailing, education, public services, hospitality, tourism and transportation.