Dr Michel Langlois offers awareness raising conferences on the LEADEX approach.

Dr Langlois is a regular guest at Canadian and foreign organisations, associations, institutions and professional corporations where he gives numerous seminars and conferences, both in English and French.

The content of these conferences can be customized to better fit your organisation’s context, line of business and target audience, whether they are managers, administrators or employees.

Here are some of the usual themes addressed during a conference:

Client leadership:

• How to exceed your client’s expectations and raise your transactional leadership?
• LEADEX: the 5 powers of experiential leadership
• The art of service: 5 successful strategies for exceeding your
internal and external client’s expectations.

For more information, please contact Michel Langlois by calling 514) 975-3860
or by e-mailing at langlois.michel@uqam.ca.